Jenkins Law plays a vital role in adoption cases by providing clients with essential legal expertise and services throughout the adoption process. We ensure that all legal requirements are met, handling the preparation and filing of necessary documents, representing clients in court hearings, and advocating for the successful completion of the adoption.

Whether dealing with consent and parental rights, home studies, or complex interstate or international adoptions, having us on your side ensures a smooth and legally compliant adoption journey. With our expertise, we help individuals and families navigate the complexities of adoption law, ultimately ensuring a secure and lawful adoption for all parties involved.

Private Adoptions

With Jenkins Law, you can expect comprehensive legal support and guidance throughout the adoption journey. We offer expert advice, ensuring you understand the intricacies of the adoption process and your rights within it. One of our primary responsibilities is handling the documentation and helping you prepare and submit all necessary paperwork accurately and promptly. This includes petitions, consents, and court filings, streamlining the administrative aspect of adoption.

Effective communication is essential. Jenkins Law ensures all parties, including birth parents and adoption agencies, are aligned. Confidentiality and sensitivity are crucial. Jenkins Law ensures privacy, actively addresses challenges, and guides you to adoption finalization with expertise and compassion.

Foster Care Adoptions

Our team at Jenkins Law understands the unique challenges of foster care adoptions and offers personalized legal assistance every step of the way. We guide prospective parents through the intricate process of adopting a child from foster care, ensuring all necessary documentation is meticulously handled and that all legal requirements are met with precision. Our attorneys are dedicated to facilitating effective communication and representing your interests in court.

Step-Parent Adoptions

Jenkins Law has done a number of contested and uncontested step-parent adoptions. We offer tailored legal guidance, handle specific documentation, facilitate communication, represent your interests in court, and prioritize the child’s best interests. Our expertise ensures a smooth legal transition, officially recognizing the step-parent as the legal parent.

Adult Adoptions

Jenkins Law offers legal support for adults looking to be adopted. Their services encompass document preparation, court representation, and compliance with the specific legal requirements of adult adoptions.

ICWA Adoptions

Jenkins Law Office has over 15 years of experience navigating the requirements of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in private adoptions, juvenile courts, child welfare proceedings, and other settings. Jenkins Law Office has built relationships with Tribal, State, and local leaders and can represent parties in Federal, State, and Tribal Court.


In guardianship cases, Jenkins Law offers tailored legal assistance for establishing or contesting guardianship arrangements. Our services encompass document preparation, court representation, and ensuring decisions align with the best interests of those involved while adhering to the legal requirements of guardianship.